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When a Silverlight / XAML translator to HTML5 / JScript?

Posted on November 24, 2010 at 1:52 PM

 As many other people who is evaluating Silverlight, this is the question which came to my mind as soon as I learned a bit about Silverlight.

There is a lot of similarities between Silverlight / XAML and HTML5 / JScript, with the difference that the former has reached a level of maturity that HTML5 will take long time to reach. What's waiting the Microsoft guys to announce they are planning to create a translation tool from XAML to HTML5? There are many undecided people who are afraid to invest their time and money on creating designs and lines of code that will only run through a plug-in. which is not a safe bet if we think on its coverage for the different platforms in the next future. The announcement of a XAML to HTML5 translator would help all of us to take easily the decision of migrate the UI of our applications to Silverlight technologies.

Indeed, no movements towards this direction will mean once again Microsoft seems more comfortable doing guerrilla war than going on to compete in the open field. This is a very reasonable strategy from the economic point of view, as Apple also has shown, but honestly it is not very ambitious about the role they should play as one of the industry engines. In fact, in my opinion is at this point where Google has taken advantage, developing less quality products than Microsoft ones but with higher strategic ambition.

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